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This restaurant project was a true labor of love. It’s located on Main Street in Pleasanton CA. Our clients German and Yanina, both of Italian decent by way of Argentina, have always had a passion for good food. They use family recipes for home made pasta, sauces and drinks. Everything is organic and pure.

This restaurant had been their dream and our job was to make it come true for the young couple. We went somewhat rustic with the floor and wall treatments, as well as a little edgy and warm with the seating and lighting. The building has a large exterior patio out back which prompted the client to want to make this more of a garden feel, hense the name Brava Garden Eatery. The best thing about this space is that it smells delicious and you’re always met with a big smile from the owners.

Brava is a real treat in Pleasanton, CA.

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